Woodside Farm

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This Map is based in south west of UK. This map is based on a real life farm in Dorest. The farms are typical small british farms with tight gate ways and sheds. Woodside mainly rely on pigs and cattle to keep the farm going so there is alot of grassland area around this part. There are 12 fields (non grass) and 38 grass fields.

– Wheat, Barley, Rape, Maize Sell point
– 1 Farm shop
– 40 fields
– Tight Twisting Roads (main and single)
– Starting Vehicles
– Three farms (Pig, sheep and cow farm)
– Soil Mod
– Water Mod
– Forest
– Chopped Straw Mod
– Pigs
– Water is collected at the bridge along stream to feed you pigs and keep 100% productivity. Sell your pigs at the slaughter house
– A new addition to this map is the Soil Mod.
– Manure can be scooped out of cow shed and pig shed
– A Forest has been added for the use of the Forest Mod (ForstMod) and has some challenging terrian
– Wood Chips can be sold at the Forest Yard located next to the Slaughter House

Authors: Daviec, Tommx55, NI Modding, Chris_7710, WBF, Chief86, Decker_MMIV (FMC Modding), Steffen30muc, Sandgrouper, getawfmoiland, Giants, willjsavage, Agi, martinbigM500, Germany Community Group, KIK, Ifan, Javier007, MMB Modding, mailman, Farmari99, ZeFir, Tessmann85, jakub227


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