Farming Simulator 17 mods possible features


If you playing not only Euro Truck Simulator, but also other simulators, maybe you will interesting of Farming Simulator 17 mods possible features.

Today we want to show considerations about Farming Simulator 2017 mods features, which maybe will be in new version of the game, ex: ground deformation, placeable buildings, more realistic economy, more depth with diary farming and others.

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Farming Simulator 2017

We have some details about cooming Farming Simulator 2017.

What’s new?
– Sharper textures,
– Better lighting (scenery beautiful)
– Sunflowers (new type of fruit) are directed to the sun,
– Improvements in artificial intelligence of the assistants..

Read more in Farming Simulator 2017 mods website.

Farming Simulator 17 / FS 17

Nice news! We have information, that will be Farming Simulator 17 game! In new version of Farming Simulator will be new brand of farm machinery and implements – Lely. Game creators (GIANTS) planned release of Farming Simulator 17 in the late fall of 2016. Some more information and news will be later 🙂

Happy New Year 2015


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Multi Terrain v 1.0 Final Detail Angle and Hire Mode Revert

Multi Terrain Final Detail Angle and Hire Mode Revert

This is a simple tutorial to give your map a more realistic dynamic terrain and at the same time revert the hire mode back to that of FS2011. The package contents include everything you will need for this change and the information to change extra mod’s to help aid the change. The modification will work for multiplayer as long as all parties have the same version (.zip) of map.

Tutorial in Microsoft word
Replacement shader.xml


Information worked out by Petorious (Peter)
Information from map by Bullgore