Hagenstedt Map with Passable Water


The map has been modified by me. It is the normal Hagenstedt Map, with passable water. She is still in the Anfangsphaße. That is: They will be further developed. Have fun playing!!!!




Bielsko Map v 2.1


Mapa posiada krowy, kury, wypychany obornik, ścielenie itd.
Posiada także skup zbóż


Autor: Czarny317 Edit: AgroKapi


Coldborough Farm 2014

Coldborough-Farm-2014-3 Coldborough-Farm-2014-2 Coldborough-Farm-2014-1

Coldborough Farm is a real working arable farm in Herefordshire of around 250-300 acres. The farm is situated about 5 miles outside of the picturesque market town of Ross-on-Wye. The farm has stunning scenic views which I have tried to replicate in game. The map works best with small to medium machinery.

There are two farms, the first, Coldborough Farm is for arable farming, your Grain storage is located here. The second, Chantry Farm, is the livestock farm, there are bale/straw sell points at both farms. There are 18 fields to grow crops in, and several grass fields. The map also has working traffic, and the Milk truck. Seed and Fertilizer refill points are located through out the map.

I grew up on this farm and had the pleasure of working on it for many years. I wanted to make a version of it for Farming Simulator for a long time. I have tried to make it as close to the real thing as possible while still including aspects of the game itself. I hope you enjoy playing on this farm.


Map Design: BulletBill83

Map Objects:

FSUK Website Team
NI Modding
FMC Modding
Lord Williams (Wynnstay)


Micro Bielice Map v 1.0


– 1 farm, which you will not find on any other map
– Polish climate
– Interesting terrain
– New buildings, which are on any map was not
– cows
– hens
– And many more

The map is rather smaller equipment.




Polska Wies v 9.0


– Polish climate
– Interesting terrain
– Cows, chickens
– 1 playable farm
– New textures
– Manure v2




Gelvin Valley Map v 1.0

Gelvin-Valley-1 Gelvin-Valley-2 Gelvin-Valley-3

This is a hill farm map with all the normal crops + pigs + the soil mod. It is a fictional map inspired by The Sperrin Mountain area in Northern Ireland, Donegal in Eire, and East Ayrshire in Scotland, although it could just as easily be in the North of England or Whales somewhere. There are 56 fields ranging in size from approximately 0.5 hectares to 11.5 hectares (not including the cow & the sheep pastures). Fields are priced according to size and their suitability for harvesting. The usual Sale & Refill points are found throughout the map with the odd extra ones eg, the Livestock Market at the edge of the village. Water can also be refilled at various points along the Gelvin River for free or at any of the numerous Water Hydrant points (the hydrants charge for their use). There were originally 6 silage pits, unfortunately I have had to remove the 2 from the covered pits in the main Dairy Farm due to Log Errors, but I feel these covered pits would now be excellent storage for Potatoes & Beet using the Tip Anywhere Mod. Collision has been removed from all the auto gates mainly to prevent the “Catapult effect” when leaving fields. You have to search hard at the Free Range Chicken Farm for the eggs, the hens will lay in loose straw anywhere in that area including the two closest fields hedgerows. If u fancy a laugh there is Golf Cart Racing in the South East corner of the map. There is also a working Wool Palette Collector in the farm yard at the Sheep Area. Finally, I think, there are a few Cleared Flat areas to make it easier to position Placeable Mods as I know many folk like to use them. Enjoy.


PigSellPoint by Daft_Bugger
Ducks Ver. 1.1 by Sandgroper 29th March 2013
animal-Mod by jengske_BE, IMT
WoolPaletteCollector by Marhu
WheelieBins by Sandgroper
Small Bridge by ©WKubota
Field Fencing Kit V 1.3 by Sandgroper

Hedges with Collisions Originally uploaded to FSUK by Johan12 for FS11
Original modder: Dennis Busch
Additional editing: Spider100
Textures: Giants, Dennis Busch, Spider100
Optimised for FS13 and added collisions by Sandgroper

Stone Buildings by Sandgroper
World Bounds by Sandgroper
Pig Breeding by Marhu
Bullenstall by Mario (DTP) (the main cattleshed used in this map)

SoilMod – Soil Management & Growth Control (v1.2.0)
Script: Decker_MMIV.
Graphics: KaosKnite, JakobT, GIANTS, Decker_MMIV and others.
Translation ‘DE’: JakobT, webalizer.
Translation ‘RU’: Gonimy_Vetrom, VAHA.
Translation ‘CZ’: KingFrame, Albi.
Translation ‘FR’: Marxtai, Dural.

Potato & Beet Merchants from Carrigart Town map by Dylan Alcorn
Farm Sheds, Houses, Fences & Gates etc by NI Modding, alwyn, henly20, rh
Various ground textures, static vehicles, trees, animals & buildings taken from mrGML_v1_0 Glenmalure Map by SCmodding (SteveC on
The Inspiration for even trying to make my own map has to go to the Glenmalure Map by SCmodding (SteveC on also.
Kindly tested by Jonah & Luke and of course the admin guys at FSUK.