Old Hagenstedt Map v 1.8

Welcome to old Hagenstedt.
The Forst farm can be found near the farm trade.
Important You need the Forest Mod, only then the buildings and accessories are loaded!
At the garden center you can sell manure, manure, grass, potatoes and sugar beets.
The horses pasture can be mowed right away, the grass you can at the horse farm Sell or drive in the yard in the feed store.
In the yard there is a small farmers market for selling the eggs.
There is also a fire station so it’s right at the entrance to the city so it’s a good place to get to work quickly.
The fire gates of the fire station can only be opened from the inside (key 0), the doors from inside and outside.
At the guard there is a hydrant to refuel the fire trucks.
The unloading point at the yard silos has been replaced by a new one.
On the farm is a pig and in the village a butcher shop with pigs, the pigs you need in this version not to buy.
A road to the station has been added.
At the BGA there is a sugar factory and in the village you will find an Aral gas station and an Edeka market for selling sugar beets and potatoes.
A second farm was built on the cow pasture with silos, a feed store and a liquid manure pumping facility.
Added PDA extension for fill levels of feed store.

Watermod V 3.0 (Marhu)
Futterlager V 1.2 (Frisco)
Fruchttexturen Forgotten Plants V 1.0 (Eribus)
Gartencenter Wb V 3.0 (Weltbauer)
Kirche (Loculus)
Großes Bauernhaus v 2.0 (Loculus)
Bauerngarten V 1.0 (Luculus)
Feldkreuz v 1.0 (Luculus)
FFW Hagenstedt v 1.0 (Wildfuchs)
Pferdestall mit Wassertrigger v 1.0 (_PaPa_)
E57 Sirene v 2.0 Nur als Deko keine Funktion (yomazy)
Mobilfunkmast v 1.0 (JauchenPaule)
Marktbuden v 1.0 (manni_112)
Weidenzaun Wb Pack v 1.2 (Weltbauer)
Weidentore Wb Pack v 1.0 (Weltbauer)
Platzierbare Pferde v 1.0 (Luculus)
Woodworks pack v 1.0 (modelBauer)
Original Texturen v 1.0 (JohnDeere6210se)
Bodentexturen v 3.5 (ZeFir)
Straßenschilder Pack (Nick98.1)
Advertising Sign including PSD v 1.0 (B34STx)
Ducks Ver. 1.1 (Sandgroper)
Altes Bootshaus v 1.0 (JauchenPaule)
Hof und Hallen Pack v 1.0 (SLJ-Agrar Team)
Realistic water v 2.0 (maki1234)
Forstmod Platzierbar (Forstmod-Team, rafftnix, BM Modding, Vertexdesign, fruktor, fendt2000, MadMax)
Heißluftballon (Ekkhard)
Wassertank mit Funktion v 1.0 (AgrofarmChris
Katze Gans und Gartenbank v 1.0 (Monteur)
Haltestelle v 1.0 (_PaPa_)
Grainstation mit PS und Fruchtplanen v 3.0 (Germany Community Group martinbigM500)
Schweinemast (Marhu)
SchweineverkaufsTrigger v 1.0 (Bergi2001)
Metzgerei (v 1.0 SLJ Agrar)
neue schilder v 1.0 (Kirtz Pierre)
Hydrant mit Wassertrigger v 1.0 placeable (ModInc.Sven777b and Alex2009)
Hochsitz v 1.0 (Manu ya)
Fahrzeug Unterstand (Germany Community Group martinbigM500)
Deutschlandfahne (majo84)
Werbeschild v 1.0 (medizini97)
Platzierbare Waldtiere v 1 (Spieler74)
Tankstellen Pack Aral v 1 (SLJ-AGRAR)
EDEKA aktiv markt v 2.0 (| Mark44 |)
ZuckerRaffenerie v 1.0 (Trekkerbodo)
Sky HD Texture v 2.1 (xXApacheXx)
Cessna (WilliamT,Boeing777fan,Jeroen Hut,Ekki)
Schwäbisches Bauernhaus (KundS Modding)
ChoppedStraw v 1.2.06 (webalizer_ls)
Gülle Pumpanlage (Germany Community Group)
Altes HofSilo v 1 (-Kolbenfresser-)
Platzierbare Vogelscheuche v 1.0 (Spieler74)
Plazierbarer Schachtring v 1.0 (Kyosho)
PDA Erweiterung Futterlager v 1.0 (mx11)
Silo v 1.0 (Katsuo)
Waage für Maps (Alex2009)
Aussichturm (Schwaki[112TEC])
Rotating Clock (Mirda_TZS_09)
Feuerwehr Einsatzbaukasten (Schwaki[112TEC])
Feuerwehrfahne (Hellboy1975) (Kias) (FFWAndy)
Neuer Leuchtturm Borkum (Lecra)
Imbiss Wagen (Hewaaa)
Waschanlage (Movie-Profi,buchhauer,tackleberry,Blacky_BPG)


Dalovy Map v 1.0

The Map has:
– Manure V2
– Biogas Plants
– Interesting shape of fields and locally terrain
– Multiterrain

Biały PL Photo


Cichow Map v 1.0

About the map:
* Beta version of the map without cows
* One farm
* Interesting area
* Purchase
* Store
* 10 fields 3 meadows
* River
* Map for small appliances
* No errors in the log
* Map with the Polish Climate
* River

Andrzej Majcherczyk


Zawada Map v 1.0

The map contains:
* One farm
* Cows (the pasture is outside the farm, increasing FPS)
* Interesting area
* Purchase
* Store
* Agrome
* No errors in the log
* And many other interesting places



Hagenstedt Map with Passable Water


The map has been modified by me. It is the normal Hagenstedt Map, with passable water. She is still in the Anfangsphaße. That is: They will be further developed. Have fun playing!!!!




Bielsko Map v 2.1


Mapa posiada krowy, kury, wypychany obornik, ścielenie itd.
Posiada także skup zbóż


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