Old Times Final V 5.2

Load Places of cars newly placed . Ie : your land vehicles not on the roof, but the dealer and on the farm. – The fields can now be grubbed . Invisible – away collisions – The entrance to the dealer is now slightly wider . – The markers at points of sale were adjusted – The crops are now visible even from afar _The Meadow north of Box No. 2 was something geebne so that there are placeable building place. And there are a few minor blemishes were still eliminated – You may draw your old saves from version 4.0 use The terrain is largely remained the old , but the court, the cow pasture , the village , the harbor, the vegetation, etc. have been completely revised . And of course there is now a sheep pasture. Where originally was the sugar factory , now is the weaving where you can sell your wool . The harbor was scaled so that it better fits into the overall landscape. You can , of course, there continue to sell your crop.