Wittenberger Agrar Map v 1.0

wittenberger-agrar-map1 wittenberger-agrar-map2 wittenberger-agrar-map3

The particular at this map, this was a complete rebuild. There is a very Great Court, a Big Bga with 8 silos, as well as a mill and a brewery and a Billinger trade. There are mostly large fields but also some smaller fields. There is a Big Pasture. In the pasture are 2 silos for silage and built a camp where you can deposit grass, straw, silage, hay. There is only one on Field 1 for sale signs all fields for 0 €. Once you have bought this it has all the fields. The map was built on little polys as well as quick synchronization. The map is also LOW geeingnet computer. Please note this is our first map for LS 13th There are no errors on the map after 70 hours of play were no errors in the log and in the scripting window in GE were seen no error. This version has been developed so far that there is no beta version but we just start with the 1.0 it can also just be a final version.

Author: MUK/Moddingteam


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