Wilson Pace Setter Pack v 1.0

Wilson-Pace-Setter-Pack-v-1.0-2 Wilson-Pace-Setter-Pack-v-1.0-1

In Pack includes 2 and 3 axles Pace Setter Trailers

Fruits: wheat, barley, maize, rape, potato, sugarbeet, sorghum, soybean, sunflower

Authors: EVH5150vanhalen, Superman, Corby, Madoyaghi, Art, Hute, Ace, Classick, Bora, Sivy, Sandgroper, Smith121363, Lazy Mod Studios, Johndeere167, Disturbed742, Lee Lexionman, FarmBozza, Big Country, Seriousmods, Raycer55, kramarj, Rocketman


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  1. AJ says:

    Can someone publish this for Farming Simulator 2015. I can’t make it work.

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