Wild Brook Valley v 2.4

Wild-Brook-Valley-v-2.4-1 Wild-Brook-Valley-v-2.4-3 Wild-Brook-Valley-v-2.4-2

Changelog 2.4 version:
– Space for the Forstmod building created
– Swapped road texture of Fatians Set
– Fumes increased a little
– Built From crap functional in the barn
– Built temporary storage function of manure in the manure heap
– Particle system now fixed at the grain slides
– The slides of equipment and vehicles in the halls insofar as it was reduced
– Store trigger offset again and directed
– Foliage trees completely reworked , now flicker a lot less, have new textures
– Built Angerertal the Gasthof Angerer, some new fields and pastures, new road access and many details
– Pine forests built in
– Map Fertilizer Mod installed
– Installed lime
– Grass height adjusted
– The Mills built with unloading water mill with water, defense and completely new river Plane, 3 new fields and a few small meadows
– Adapted transport
– Installed new plants textures, partly from Forgotten Plants Set
– Sheep grazing embarrassed with all the food and water triggers, converted old sheep pasture
– Clover installed

Authors: Deutz1997, Fatian, Dennis Busch, Modelleicher, Maxter, Desperados93, FendtFarmer, pAre, IMarvin, Mr F, Giants, MR-Klausen, thejohnderre7930, ka88, Buschi, Tessmann85, TyphoOn


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