VQ2 Hagenstedt v 2.60

VQ2-Hagenstedt-v-2.60-3 VQ2-Hagenstedt-v-2.60-1 VQ2-Hagenstedt-v-2.60-2

– Crops : Wheat, barley, canola, grass, corn, oats, sunflower, soybean, poppy, rye, green wheat, millet, spelled, cucumber, tomato, carrot, onion, cotton, peas, triticale
– Pig farm
– Mixing station
– Sale of manure
– Scale funtional
– Wool palets
– Included Water mod to chickens, cows and sheep
– Digital displays functional for all farm silos
– Added another pig farm near the port
– Added another gas station in town
– To harvest the pea, the harvester must accept erbse growing, not peas
– Changed straw stores
– Added funtion all crops in pause menu (different colors)
– Added breeding animals (calves, lambs and eggs)
– Added entry to fields
– Fixed Particle System conveyor manure and forage
– Added second bridge to pig farm on the river
– Change place sell point manure / liquid manure
– Added way field 5 to camping
– Best entry to bridge
– New storage for chaff in the cow zone
– Change placard for english version

Authors: Vanquish081, Marhu, Hardstyler, Alex2009, Javier007, Nick98_1, Chuzonet, BGP, BlueTiger, Team-SUB7


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