Vojvodina v 1.1

vojvodina--23 vojvodina--22 vojvodina--21

The map is based on ours villages, includes a 3 selling points for grain. There is 2 little farmhouses with grain triggers, and one big farm, with cows and sheeps and selling point for straw bales. There is and BGA too. Terran is not flat, there are plenty of trees and greenery. The village has a pub, where our farmers stops to drink brandy after work on the field. Map has 78 fields, 0.5 – 35 Ha. Pipe on the silos are animated. You must stand below them and press key “O” to be lowered or raised. So at farmhouse when unloading corn elevator must rotate, you need to press the same button

V 1.1:
– Fixed textures problem
– Now all the textures in dds format, and no reports in raw texture i3d

Authors: Team 6, dammir, sakuljan, imt542, maky355, vedo, s3rious


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