Ursus C 4011 v 2.0


– Sliding doors, roof waived
– Animations gas pedal, brake and clutch
– Animation of engine components
– Weights in the wheels
– Moveable os
– Mod plowing
– Twins on the back
– Tur and the console button
– Opens the hatch mask
– The removable flap mask
– Full lighting
– Manual firing
– ES limiter and hour meter
– Dynamic animations of smoke
– The removable cabin on the button
– Scales 1:1, has been corrected
– Slightly dirty with skin
– Changed sounds
– Fixed bugs. No errors in the log.
– Removed unnecessary scripts and improved optimizations
– The real driving physics, and other operating shema

Authors: Marcello1942, Fumski, siudix29, Monster


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