Ursus 1614 v 1.0


– Script trap wheels while plowing
– Many functions on approach
– Interactive Control Panel (IC activate certain functions with the mouse)
– The ability to run real front-wheel drive
– Operating controls and animations switches
– Glass with a mirror image (basic refractiveIndex with ls 11)
– Nice texture and model
– Animations opening mask and cap (as in Marcella)
– Removable mesh
– Extendable mirrors
– Adjust seat
– Slightly urealniony model


Authors of scripts:
– Modelleicher
– Aranea
– Lech
– Sven777b
– Templaer
– Knagsted
– Burner
– Manuel Leithner
– Friedrich L.
– Ziuta
– Grzegorz056

Edit Script:
– Lublin simulator Farms

Author model Marcello1942
Edit model ROLTECH, G & M, LSF


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