Unimog Fire Brigade Pack 1450 v 1.0


Pack contents:
– Unimog TLF / WTLF
– Unimog RIT / TLF
– Unimog RW

– 4 working lights
– Blue light
– Martin Horn (GM2297) [Original Sound]
– Fully animated blinds (open from outside)
– Animated flaps (from the outside to open) [Additional storage space for smaller people practically]
– Fold down ladder
– Four wheel drive
– Roof Monitor
– Lance / Quick Attack [WTLF / RIT] (Can be used for washing racoons mods)
– Tank WTLF: 4,300 liters
– Tank RIT: 1,100 liters


Modell/Textur Unimog: Giants
Modell/Textur Aufbau: Grisu118
Ingame: Grisu118
Coronas: NAS-Moddingsquad
Scripts: Giants, Grisu118, Sven777b, NAS-Moddingsquad, modelleicher, Case_IH_MxU135, DragonLord2007, borutcebulj


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