Two Valley Map v 1.0 More Realistic

Two-Valley Map-v-1.0-More-Realistic

– The map is about 2 /3 of the standard map and consists of a hilly area fictitious
– The fields are not all rectangular and must therefore often be prepared for the helper
– You start here already as a medium-sized company with a modern fleet
– The Filltrigger for the milk to the milk tank is installed the cow pasture
– There are open spaces with no grass to place the equipment in addition to the pastures of the pups and some open spaces for other mods or placeable buildings ( are marked in orange )
– Sold at: warehouse, freight station, Noem, BGA with manure and straw power plant acceptance in the silos and a slaughterhouse for pigs
– At the train beets and potatoes can be unloaded and then loaded into the wagons wheel loader it then also you get twice the retail price
– The growing season for grass is extremely increased so that you have enough time to also make hay
– All workstations are equipped with enough light so that it is not a problem even at night to work
– Sugar beet and potato sales by wagon load ( double price)
– Pig
– Slurry manure mod
– Wool Pallet collector
– Freight train
– Flying flock of ducks
– Water mod
– Automatic car wash
– Straw and grass Stock
– Since there are now plenty to do is rotting off

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