Triple Farming Map v 2.1

Triple-Farming-Map-v-2.1-1 Triple-Farming-Map-v-2.1-2 Triple-Farming-Map-v-2.1-3

– Water point at the stockyards and inserted in the gravel pit
– Wash bay at the main and Stockyards inserted
– In addition to the brewery, the box was removed and instead an interim storage facility for all fruits, as well as for the production of goods (beer, canned food, bread, concrete and apples) inserted
– The roads are a little further away from the terrain
– New PDA Map
– 6 are in some trees in the fields, the Colli was removed because the carer

On the map there are five productions:
– Bakery: wheat, barley, sunflowers and water brings back one, rolls do you get the sale
– Canning: water, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots brings you down, you get canned vegetables
– Concrete Factory: sand, gravel and water brings you out concrete slabs are brought to the site
– Apple orchard: crap, water and manure carry you sell apples on the various outlets
– Brewery: barley, hops (available from Lanhandel) hinbringen and water to get beer

Authors: Farmerahner, Ganelcer, SLJ-AGRAR, Kolbenfresser, Desperados93, TMT-Team, Marhu, Alex2009, marjas31, Blacky_BPG, Marhu, Bluebaby210


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