Tribine Prototype Pack

Tribine-Prototype-Pack-1 Tribine-Prototype-Pack-2

In Pack included:
– Tribine Combine Multifruit
– Tribine 3592 Cutter
– Tribine 653D Cutter
– Tribine 9930 (Geringhoff 18) Corn Cutter
– Tribine 2142 Cutter
– Tribine Vario 1350 Multifruit Cutter
– Tribine Cutter Trailer
– Tribine Coupling
– Tribine Concept 2000 Grain Trailer

Author: Zorlac


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  1. benoit218 says:

    that is not a tribine on a real tribine the hopper is located to the back and the machine is an articulated vehicle plus it only come with 4 tires all the way around and there all the same size so if you gona make something at least get the look right

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