The Lake Map with Mod Pack v 1.0 FINAL


This is the final Lake Map and Mod Pack. This version has plenty to offer for everyone, you will also find some new features never before seen in a map for FS 2013.
SG stands for Sand/Gravel You can now excavate Sand and Gravel from the terrain using one machine by simply switching modes, you can either use the 980H or the 345B Shovel (included in this download)
What else can you find in this map and in the pack?
– Added new field and grass area
– Other changes from the original map making farming better
– Redesigned Pigsty
– Mine site
– Construction Yard
– New design Auto Washer
– PDA Fix Mod
– MapSiloBan Mod
– Water Mod
– Pig Mod
– Wool Pallet Collector Mod
– MischStation Mod
– Gülle und Mist Mod
– The PDA is updated and is quite accurate
– Wither is turned off
– There are zero errors in the log file
– The milk truck takes care of milk collection

The map has all the default game elements such as: Transport Missions, Mowing Missions, Horseshoes, Meteor and POG

Authors: Goelm, Ghost78, Marhu, Mofa-Killer, Buchhauer, HatzFan, Fredzaza


One Response to The Lake Map with Mod Pack v 1.0 FINAL

  1. bob la bricole says:

    carte sympa
    il manque des maisonns et des décorations
    le CAT 980 est trop surdimensionné
    mais quoiqu’il en soit, super bouleau, j’adore la carriere.

    nice map but
    it missing houses and other decorations,
    CAT 980 too oversize
    but very good job, i love the career

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