The Fifth Wheel On The Tractor Rear Weight v 1.0 BETA


The silo should be rolled down as possible right up to the wall. Alone with the tractor is difficult, especially with a large sliding plate. Along with the changes wrought Butters built a rear weight compacts the silage up to the silo wall. To a 3.5 tonne rear weight a tractor wheel with the dimensions 480/70 R 30 this was grown. It runs alongside the track of the tractor and can be hydraulically moved laterally by 40 cm. In the normal rolling on the silo, the weight is lifted, the tire does not run with. On the silo wall or Silokante the driver lowers the weight and pushes the wheel outwards when needed.
with the buttons B moves the arm be here but if you let go it goes back

Authors: fin050808, BTS, Skydancer


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