Tebbe ST 450 v 1.1


– Support foot
– Power confinement (SFM) with new PTO model
– Standart trailer features
– Animation of the hoses
– Animation of the pusher plate
– Animation of boogie suspension
– Increase the engine speed at the tilt wheel tracks
– Lighting Script V 3.1
– Alternative Tipping and Heat Tip Trigger suitable
– Gescalet to real size
– Various model and texture bugs fixed
– Increase the engine speed at the tilt is more realistic
– Small bugfixes


Modell: 3xitus
Textur: 3xitus, BlackJack
Ingame: Mofi
Scripts: Mofi, Face, fruktor, Heady, John Deere 6930, sven777b
Converted From LS2011: vydka


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