Tapton Grove Farm

Tapton-Grove-Farm-1 Tapton-Grove-Farm-2 Tapton-Grove-Farm-3

Tapton Grove Farm, based on a real location in Chesterfield, England. Here you will find everything in pretty much exactly the same position that it is in real life, some things are made up to make the map functional, and some things are made bigger to make the map more workable.

What you’ll find:
– 2 Yards
– 5 arable fields, 2 grass fields and 1 trash field
– One grain sell point
– Farm dealership
– Traffic
– Pedestrians
– Default vehicles
– Extended growth times, Time faster mod is needed
– Ability to connect the Zunhammer pipes to the slurry pipe then to the slurry tanker
– Large Village
– Manure mod

Authors: Johndeere2450, GIANTS Software, NKB-Modding, SteveC, AgentObsidian, VertexDezign, NI Modding, Petorious, Fruktor, Katsuo, TMT, upsideDown, LwFarming, ZeFir_POLAND, DavidC, sandgroper


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