Tannenhof Island v 2.0


– 36 fields with 50 acres
– 1 main courtyard with chickens, cows, sheep, Calves and pigs
– 1 LU Agrarhof with all standard bearings
– 1 Biogashof with small BGA
– New example Heuhalle with crane and much more
– Calves and breeding new animated pig
– Seed and fertilizer must be purchased and stored
– New sites need sand
– Grassland is cultivated on fields
– Milk working with pick themselves
– Spinning wool for purchase
– Garden center sells fertilizer and seed
– Sand pit sand sold
– 9 outlets via PDA
– Country trade buys : eggs, grass, potatoes, corn, sugar
– Grain mill buy: wheat, barley, rape
– Braugasthof buy: wheat and barley
– Edeka buy: eggs, potatoes and pigs
– Ferkelhof buy: beets and pigs
– Freight Train buy: wheat, rape, maize, barley, sugar, potatoes
– BGA Biogashof : pays for almost everything, also standard fruits
– Building buys : Sand
– Bridge construction site purchases : Sand
– Horse farm buys : grass, hay, straw – loose and in bales

Author: Sir Vicmon


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