Tannenhof Insel v 2.31

Tannenhof-Insel-v-2.31-1 Tannenhof-Insel-v-2.31-2 Tannenhof-Insel-v-2.31-3

New in 2.31 version:
– Start capital – vehicle park determine
– Heliport with garage and refuelable
– Now ferries must be also refuelled
– Fuel store in farms
– Oil harbour included small tanker truck
– New display Huds
– New decoration grass
– More decoration inserted
– Sheep farm now buyable
– Driving silo at the main Farm
– Soil mod for ground management and growth control

Author: Sir Vicmon


2 Responses to Tannenhof Insel v 2.31

  1. Markus says:

    how to out in vehicle schop? The ramp is not work

  2. fuiret says:

    bonjour ;impossible de sortir de chez le vandeur les barrieres ne se leve pas ;(apres 8h)y a t il un mod ? merci

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