Sweet Home LS09 v 3.2.2


New in V 3.2.2:
– No more error messages in the LOG. Only two notes that even jpeg files will be converted into dds format – You can finally safely load
– The inn now takes next to pigs and eggs
– Around the monastery a village inn has emerged. Friends of vintage cars will be pleased – in the next version comes a small alternative farm with small fields in the vicinity of the village and the modern apartment house still flies out
– The garden center has moved and is now highlighting the industrial area around the harbor, which will expand even further. Here you can also sell liquid and solid manure
– The transport missions should now work smoothly again. All set again
– Small details, stuff and fuss

Authors: Jogo1980, Galli84, ego, ZeFir_Poland, Marhu, Michal, Tessmann85, Bergi2001, Galli84, Richi*3, Stormbringer, Burn out, JokerZ, MC [email protected], devin, DA JOUN, Trixi, buchhauer, Trekkerbodo, frisco0177, XAnonymousX, Maxter, Modelleicher, meistro, grafik-edv


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