Starowies Map


– One fully playable Economy
– Pushed out manure from the barn to the prism
– Septic tank
– Turn down the barn (gets up straw)
– Feeding in the barn
– Opened the door to the “O” not zero (work on multi)
– Silage
– Multi Silo (rash storage in the barn)
– Giving water to the cows, hens
– Multi terrain
– Weight on buying (Works)
– Lime visible on the field
– Purchased lime
– Manure cesspool visible on the field
– The Milkmaid
– Disputes acreage of forest to be felled
– Added ForestMod tree on the map
– Sawmill
– Machine shop and a sale
– ATM if necessary funding
– 2 Skupy different crop prices
– Sale of straw on the Farm
– The sale of eggs to another farm
– Village
– A new look of straw
– New textures crops
– Interesting commuting routes

Author: TheMasteRTeamTV


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