Sonnenberg v 2.0


– Driveway rebuilt
– Only 2 garages at the farmhouse
– Am Hof ​​edited and broadened the ways (are not as bumpy)
– Vehicle dealer is covered on spawn
– At the same horse at the barrier, the egg spawning
– The horse can beet and straw Sell
– Start New vehicles added (eg. harvesters, mowers, etc.)
– Fields planted with rape
– New buildings & shelters
– At the BGA can fill refueling, seeds, water
– Created new lanes
– Shows PDA fixed now also building on and every house

Authors: FSM-Team, SkyFall, Kai, martinbigM500, Juanathan, mailman, manni_112, Nick98.1, Manu ya, KundS Modding, Weltbauer, tantas, M&J-Modding, FrankWienberg[GER], borutcebulj, Ganelcer, NIModding


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