Silent Valley v 3.0 Extended


– All gates and barriers are provided with the Map Door Trigger script
– Pig manure storage area
– Angle adjustments Ground Shader changed
– At all present on the Map hydrant water can be taken
– Of seed and fertilizer needs at the country store or on the grain trade ( Farm Shop ) bought to store it in the court for the removal
– Large sprayers and fertilizer spreaders should be filled because of the space in the yard and the size of the respective silos directly at the respective sale
– Only a fill pipe for all grain crops on the farm
– Dealer has been completely revised and adapted to the dealer the Old Silent Valley
– 15 fields with sizes of about 0.6 to 2.5 ha
– Missions and horseshoe
– Installed slurry manure mod with subtle texture in the form of performencesparender haulm
– Map Hose Ref Station installed on cow manure tank , pig and BGA manure tank
– Expanded playable map size by about 80 ha
– About 43 hectares of arable land in 20 fields
– Added to station
– 2 built pig
– 2 Feed storage installed
– Observation tower with teleporters and 4 telescopic scopes
– Tunnels built
– Adapted AI traffic to the new” area

Author: Bandit


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