Silage Trailers Pack v 2.0


In Pack includes:
– Krone ZX 450 GD: capacity 48000 l
– Krone ZX 550 GD: capacity 60000 l
– Bergmann Shuttle 900 K: capacity 44000 l
– Pöttinger Jumbo 10010 CL: capacity 58300 l

– Added silage and compound feed
– Lighting V 3.1
– Tire dust on the field and the field due
– New tires
– Chocks
– Independent suspension to all wheels for uneven ground independently of the other tires
– Particle collection
– Rotating Tines Pickup
– PTO rotates now when the car is switched charge
– All loading trailers from this pack are now washed
– Krone ZX 550 the PicK Up is now lifted after purchase or reload the savegame and not lowered

Authors: GIANTS Software GmbH, Ifko[nator], mjk


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