Shera Map v 1.0


In Shera map you can become acquainted with the Varied fields of activity of the modern farmer. In addition to agriculture, you have the opportunity to lead a private gravel pit and thus to supply the site or the company STRABAG. Keep sheep, cows and chickens
There are 5 arable fields and pasture grass for 8 Verf├╝gung.Verbaut a granary, a Bga with scales, country store, dairy, dealer with workshop, large yard are with Hoftankstelle. Gekaufte vehicles were delivered directly to the farm.
Installed are standard fruits + gravel, sand, earth
Traffic is to
Wither is off

Authors: Modelle, andre, iacopo1977, Mach1–Andy, Richi*3, LU-Modfactory, Fatian


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