Schluckes Map v 1.0

schluckes-map1 schluckes-map2 schluckes-map3

– The I3d. has 28.6 MB
– All fields are owned and appointed
– 246.4 acres of farmland on 14 fields of 8.8 – 26.6 ha size
– 2 large meadows
– Large fleet
– BGA with 4 large silos with capacity 1.200.000l
– Traffic + Milk Truck
– Cows and sheep
– Spinning
– Mudholes
– Cereal AG with 3 stations for sale: wheat, barley, rape, maize, potato, sugarbeet, manure, liquid Manure, silage, grass windrow, wheat windrow, barley windrow
– Watermod installed permanently
– Small pond for Watermod
– Wither is off

Authors: Schlucke, Belarus MTS 50, Gungnir


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