Rottenbach v 1.1

Rottenbach-v-1.1-2 Rottenbach-v-1.1-1 Rottenbach-v-1.1-3

– There are now 4 New Fruits Varieties: Soy, Oats, Green wheat, Sunflowers
– The individual soaking the Water Mods were installed and tested at the respective animals
– The Water Mod 3.0 has been installed and tested for function
– Textures have been changed: maize, beet, oilseed rape, barley, wheat, grass, grubbed, plowed, asphalt, gravel, soil
– For the new fruit varieties suitable silos were built
– It has already generated the extra money at the beginning of a solar system
– Outlets for the new fruit varieties have been created
– A large abattoir was built, in which the pigs can be sold for € 200 each
– New buildings, objects were integrated with nice transitions in the landscape
– Wither is of course off
– There are now new Start Vehicles that have already been detected
– The PDA has been updated and revised

Authors: 1LS15, Deere6800, Marhu, Tessmann85


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