Ropa Euro Maus 3 v 2.1


Ropa Euro Maus 3 v 2.1 Alternative Tipping Ready sugarbeet potato
Ropa Euro Maus 3 this machine is designed for cleaning prior to importation of sugar beet

– Support for Alternative Tipping mod
– Added potato filltype
– Small model & texture improvements
– Fixed trailer detecting function and other small bugs
– Cleaning / Loading Capacity: 550t/h
– Total weight machine: 23,500 kg
– Size machine (meters): 13.35 x 3.0 x 4.0


Model: Maciusboss1
Wheels: Marcin (marjas31)
Ingame: Burner
Script: Burner, sven18koehler, Sven777b, SFM-Modding


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