Remod Hill v 1.0 BETA


Here you can store you thought about your harvested fruits, Buy seed, fuel and fertilizer. You can use the Bga silo almost 500 000 tonnes

Here you can see all the fruits of their harvest on the map Sell and the pig , dung , manure, straw

Pigsty for mucking out and unload on the dunghill. Abstraction of water for the pigs (found at the pigsty) Silof├╝llmenge 300 000 tonnes

Cow pasture:
Store the feed in the feed store. 500 000 tonnes of silage silos. Abstraction of water for the cows of the Cowshed

Capacity 500 000 tonnes. Dunghill for Zwischlagern of crap

Intallierte scripts:
– Scripts PDA Mod
– Income scripts
– PDA fix scripts
– PDAE xtension Forage Storage scripts

Mods included:
– Front Silozange
– Small trailer (both mods are for the feed store on the cow pasture )

Authors: Orchid, Chefkoch


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