Region of Kansas v 1.0 Multifruit


– 10 fields
– Is the purchase of the fields on the farm
– There is no harvest rot
– Two areas for silo discharge
– Vessels for raising pigs
– Large scale animal
– BGA large capacity but small
– Has 7 new cultures: cucumber, tomato, oat, rye, millet, sunflower, Greenwheat
– Multi silos
– Water for animals
– Sales of slurry and manure in the spring

Author: Lobezno


One Response to Region of Kansas v 1.0 Multifruit

  1. Harry Houdini says:

    Nice farm though there are a few minor things that I have found. When seeding not all fruits show up in the seeder thus you have no idea what you are planting, standard seeds, wheat barley etc, are ok, the rest not so. Grass seems to grow as quick as you cut it. And, though not an error, just a view, fields could be divided up a bit, a couple are just too big and take forever to harvest even with a big combine, even more so when planting and harvesting beet or potatoes. Apart from the its a great farm.

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