Red Dragon Valley v 1.0


This map is based on the stunning region of Wales, Camathenshire.
The map is full equiped with everything you will ever need to succed at farming.
The grain stores can only be found at the arable farm.
The arable farm also include a potato grader and a sugarbeet heap.
The potatoe grader acts as the potato storage.
The dairy farm to the south of the map includes 2 silage pits, and the milk is collected daily by the milk truck. The Sheep are located near to the dariy farm.
You do not own any field from the start, you are playing the part of a biulding firm pulling out of the industry due to falling house prices. You have a selection contruction releated machines.
Take in to account that the growth rates have be increased to make crops grow much slower. This make field numbers and usage more important.
You can sell hay and straw behind the farm shop. The Straw mat shows the trigger location
The map has 42 fields totaling 123 acres of culturvated and grassland.
This map is fitted with opening gates and biulding doors. Only the wooden shed doors and the silver gates can be opened/closed.

Authors: Vertex Design, Eiffok Team, Giants, Ni Modding, modding team Sascha and Kai, Fatian, Ares657Power, Burn_out, flo1997, Marhu, Mods Wanted, Weltbauer, Sampson, Willjsavage, FS-UK


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