Poland Beskidy v 1.0

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Animals – chickens, sheep, cows, pigs and calves animated. Growing base with longer growth time for the sowing of up to 30 days. From the long rise time of the game is real, and forces us to increase the amount of fields and further filming on the field. Buy points – Hotel, Sugar factory, shelter, Lidl, Station, gardening and agriculture shop edelweiss, milk products, sawmill, slaughterhouse, the farm. Claas workshop and lime mine and brewery cattle possibility of producing beer. Most points has limited hours of operation. After work, no possibility of entry and exit from the point – time gate. Purchase the field: to buy more than 140 plots – at start 3 boxes. Fields of different sizes from small to large, and also most of the fields are combined conversion in larger machines. Keep four free zones and the building bought in the game in them. There is also a fifth farm without the production function, but the function of the auxiliary something along the lines of the former agricultural circles. Mod forest trees planted about 500 ready to be cut. Mod lime manure and manure mod and chaff. Mod weed. Flying aircraft, flying boats, and riding the train. No traffic and milkmaid. Street lighting, traffic signs and information boards. An interesting and extensive road system and the asphalt roads, real sand and gravel roads and many other things not mentioned here.

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  1. franko says:

    how to open gates ? they closed

  2. franko says:

    how to open gates

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