Platinum Xtremo v 12.0


The withering and weathering was shut down at the Platinum Xtremo. Planting at your leisure and enjoy all the fields they work. In the cow pasture is now a drinking trough where you can feed the cows with water. Across the street from the feed store where want to point out that the unloading point for the feed store located between silo and feed stores.
Five farm barns can be found on the map – these barns have a double function grass / hay and straw is beamed into the feed store – you can refer to the kuhn SPV again. Bales are sold directly. Four manure storage areas are located o the map – all four manure storage are equipped with a conveyor belt to the crap comfortably on the spreader or load trailers.
All that is loaded at the freight depot on the trains coming in the farm silos. Wheat, barley, maize and oilseed rape can be recharged at the court. Silage can be found in feed stores in cow shed and feed it to the cows. The sales opportunities are still available. In addition to the standart fruit can be sold at the freight depot at Bio Power crap.

Authors: Giants Software, Askari, Ganelcer, Eifok-Team, WayneischGeld, Fatian, Marhu, Rubiks, unbekannt, TMT, skydancer, Alex2009, martinbig500, DerLord, BM-Modding, Claas Raser


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