Platinum Xtreme Novem v 9.0

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The farm:
– On the yard there is a small space for that “Vehicles reset” this place you can with 7 cutting unit carriage, which are present as in multiplayer mod blocking, thus resetting the annoying in multiplayer today. (With the mod reset Spissamentum you can reset the vehicles in multiplayer block.)
For the breeding of chickens there is a space.
– Three greenhouses a crap camp a nice camp for turnips and potatoes and a farm barn where you can shred straw, hay, and silage bales in the feed store to court at a playground right in multiplayer.

The Cowshed:
– At the barn, two silos are a feed store for grass, hay, silage and straw for the unloading the food warehouse is located between silo and feed store diagonally opposite is a beautiful site for the Kuhzucht of Marhu.
– Directly to the manure pile a crap projector is here you can tilt the wheel loader and boot into the garbage in the garbage bins in later with the conveyor belt to a spreader or trailer. If you do not want to do, can the crap on a control or trailer beaming and taken away in the same – goes.

Pig / pig sty:
– In the pig from “Marhu” is located outside the building a manure storage area, this allows the cleaning out of the pigsty, even if you just have no use for the manure. Here would like to point out that all manure storage areas on the map are connected underground. So you can clean out the pig sty on the manure storage area and another player can charge in the manure storage area at Field 7
– You can clean out the pig sty with a front loader or on the conveyor belt according to taste.
The second pigsty next to the spinning mill is funded by the EU – the conveyor money you get paid the same when unloading the fruit.
– You can sell the pigs in the organic market both SPA and always have to supply a butcher in the house to provide customers with fresh produce and of course the butcher in town.

The feed store:
– The feed store can be filled from different points on the map. Straw and grass you can unload at the farm barns and take back the feed store with the Kuhn SPV.
– Hay and silage bales can be seen with the Kuhn Primor the farm barns clean and shred the Kuhn SPV again.
– Silage can be beamed across the silage projector at the BGA North and Water Mills Ltd. in the feed store or by freight train in the train yard.

The following points can be transported to the fruit farm:
– The unloading point to the campsite and at the LS academy were converted to a central warehouse from where the fruits are transported over an imaginary underground rail network to the yard – Saves a lot of time.
– Fruits, which are unloaded at the freight station in the cars are transported to the farm.
– In the sheep pasture and the cow pasture created an area where you can place without turning the building of the sheep and Kuhzucht.

Following unloading points are available on the Map:
– Organic Market
– Bio Tavern
– Garden Center
– Restaurant
– Freight depot
– Haven
– Country trade
– Water Mills Ltd.
– Sugar factory
– Butcher

Can grass / hay and straw to sell:
– At the country store in the underground parking entrance – but here you get the best prices is also very difficult to reverse as pure.
– In the nursery and in the hut on the mountain on the small passageway between barn and spinning.
– The ultimate goal of the Platinum Xtreme Novem is without cheating to generate 1 billion euros.
– Cows and sheep can be supplied with water. Chicken with water and wheat.

On the Platinum Xtreme November, four biogas plants found in two (Northern and BGA BGA south) you can unload chaff and grass as usual. In the BGA Watermills AG: barley, wheat, canola, and corn. In the BGA freight station: beets and potatoes.
For slurry and manure, there are also sales opportunities.
The Watermills AG operates two water mills on the map every water mill also has an unloading point. The selling prices are the same for both so there are in the PDA only one ad under the name mill.
All fields are plowed and fertilized – so go immediately with the drill going.
5 Farm Barns (the black barns) can be found on the map – these barns have a double function grass / straw is beamed into the feed store – you can refer back to the Kuhn SPV. Bales are sold directly.


Map: Giants Software / Askari
Potato, beet Stock: Ganelcer
Food storage: Ganelcer
Country trade: Eifok-Team
Shelter: WayneischGeld
Arch Bridge: Fatian
Wassermod: Marhu
Pig: Marhu
MapSiloBand: Marhu
Pigpen: Rubik’s
Metzger building: Funky


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