Pitchfork Mod v 1.2


– collecting fruits as straw/windrow and scattering them (if fruit supports straw/windrow),
– charging and discharging fruits from/to triggers,
– standard manure trigger and bunker silo support,
– collecting bales,
– charging fruits and bales directly on trailer (if trailer supports current pitchfork fill type),
– converting picked bales into straw,
– possibility of attachment to the vehicle for transport.

Changes in version 1.2:
– compatibility with LS2013
– support for animal husbandry (straw and feeding triggers)
– support for bunker silo trigger (silage)

Author: Burner


3 Responses to Pitchfork Mod v 1.2

  1. sebastian says:

    ja nigdy nie miałem wideł do ls 2013 a teraz bende mieć

  2. One says:

    Feed is not loaded in the feeder

  3. Balazs says:

    When downloaded 15 from Pitchfork mode

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