Paradise Map v 5.0 FINAL

Paradise-Map-v-5.0-FINAL-1 Paradise-Map-v-5.0-FINAL-2 Paradise-Map-v-5.0-FINAL-3

– Original triggers map for potatoes and sugarbeet in grainstation avoid lag and no errors in the log
– Removed balloons map (1.4)
– New selling point of grass in the garden of the farm (manure plus solid and liquid)
– Fixed problem when you unload beet or potato warehouse in the main farm their FPS drop
– Removed a box in the middle of the field 17
– Fixed carrer start veicles
– Green House area
– Load Places corrected
– Viewdistance all objects revised
– Fixed price of pigs for sale (1.3)
– Added Wool Pallet Collect
– Price adjustment on the railroad
– New railway with better organization and new objects
– New manufacturing milk
– Fix various bugs and small in general
– Reorganization of the main farm
– New Map Silo Band
– Alternative version with manure Mod
– Added power station in BGA
– Fixed serious problem with land (texture and foliage)
– New storage system to cut grass and straw
– New PDA (
– Loadplace to reset your vehicles
– New silo for solid manure with higher capacity and effects
– Product loading ramp near the silo manure
– Charging Mat for solid manure
– Storage complex machinery, equipment and supply pump
– Adjust the viewdistance to enhance performance
– Create cows, sheep, chickens and pigs
– Cultivate large fields
– Fields optimized for use intensive courseplay
– System of production management
– Feed system – the objects arranged strategically for mass production of different animals
– Sell your produce dung solid and liquid, their pigs and their grain yields in different outlets map
– Alternative landscape, much more diverse
– New texture makes the map even more beautiful
– Watermod for your animals, including pigs
– Manure mod, pigs, Wool Pallet Collect, alternative silos (manure, grass, straw), large fields

Author: Tiago Piloneto


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  1. Daniel says:

    i have problem with this map suplemented wather and tmr to the cow and chave manure from pigs

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