Paradise Final Edition v 1.4


Changelog v 1.4:
– Original triggers map for potatoes and sugar beet in grainstation avoid lag and no errors in the log
– Removed balloons map
– New selling point of grass in the garden of the farm (manure plus solid and liquid)
– Fixed problem when you unload beet or potato warehouse in the main farm their FPS drop
– Removed a box in the middle of the field 17
– Fixed carrer start veicles

Author: Tiago Piloneto


2 Responses to Paradise Final Edition v 1.4

  1. guthier says:

    boujour tous le monde, j’ai un petit problème sur cette map la. je n’arrive pas a jouer sur celle ci car elle se bloque dans le telechargement de la map. une solution ?

  2. Jackherer says:

    Essaye de la télécharger via un autre site!

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