Papenburger Map v 2.6

Papenburger-Map-v-2.6-1 Papenburger-Map-v-2.6-2 Papenburger-Map-v-2.6-3

New in 2.6 version:
– New barn on the main courtyard incl pasture
– New manure tank on the cowshed old cowshed to vehicle and cereal hall rebuilt for rye and oats
– Swath of clover, alfalfa, rye and oats adapted cattle farm at Janssen yard away
– Log errors caused by the rye and oats Huds
– Street lamps built Big hall on the LU performance reasons removed and replaced by others
– Weed mod removed
– Minor bug fixes

Authors: Jimkerk, Fatian, Tessman85, Patii, Ni Modding, 818Vario, Kyosho, DeutzDx85, Manuel, Bluebaby210, Marhu


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