Papenburger Map v 2.1

Papenburger-Map-v-2.1-1 Papenburger-Map-v-2.1-2 Papenburger-Map-v-2.1-3

– Map script with standard fruit + kalk, fertilizers and multi Farm
– Liquid manure, kalk, manure mod
– 54 fields all helpers and courseplay justice applied
– Outbuildings : Raiffeisen, Raiffeisen market, pub, port, railway station, butchers, dairy garden centers
– Two courtyards : the main courtyard designed for cattle with milk, sheep and cattle
– Designed for agriculture 2nd courtyard but has also over cattle. Corn Exchange, beet and potato storage and 1 grass and corn silo
– 1 Large BGA with 2 silos procrastinate + 1 fahrsilo
– Kalk and fertilizers can be retrieved at Raiffeisen
– Many silos with large capacity
– Contractors with Large hall for maneuvering including light after 22 clock
– Dirt roads with Colision
– Liquid manure sale, liquid manure storage, manure storage
– All permanent grasslands have a grass scar
– Wheat and barley can be in the first two stages of maturity green chop withered only in the last stage
– Rape can chop green / blooming in the first Reifestumsstufe

Authors: Jimkerk, Fatian, Tessman85, Patii, Ni Modding, 818Vario, Kyosho, DeutzDx85, Manuel, Bluebaby210, Marhu


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