On The Walls Of Grunwald v 1.1 Rectified

on-the-walls-of-grunwald-rectified-3 on-the-walls-of-grunwald-rectified-2 on-the-walls-of-grunwald-rectified-1

– Black concrete plates – GONE to mitigate aggravation
– Grain silo textures – replaced to ease the eyes
– Ash, Spruce,River birch textures – adjusted to alleviate irritation
– Grass texture – redefined for various reasons
– 2d Spruces – GONE – replaced with 3d Douglas Firs to satisfy everybody
– Bga silos augmented to increase esthetic factor
– Cat size adjusted to decrease aggressiveness
– Clip distances clipped on several items
– Several things added, moved, changed, resized etc.

Author: Mourice


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