Old Times v 4.1


New in v 4.1 version:
– The fields can now be grubbed
– Invisiblea way collisions
– The entrance to the dealer is now slightly wider
– The markers at points of sale were adjusted
– The crops are now visible even from afar
– The Meadow north of Box No.2 was something geebne so that there are placeable building place
– There are a few minor blemishes were still eliminated

Authors: ziolek6, RAUSCHEBART, martinbigM500, Cayman, Kosa, LU-herzberg, marjas31, spider100, charly_99, thecsfun, pisty, MThis, Marc85, GE-Mapping, firststep, Lowpoly-Bäume, cyber11, Kolbenfresser, unbekannt, M-S_Buschi


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