Old Times v 4.0


– For small to medium sized machines
– The terrain is largely remained the old, but the court, the cow pasture, the village, the harbor, the vegetation, etc. have been completely revised and of course there is now a sheep pasture
– Where originally was the sugar factory, now is the weaving where you can sell your wool. The harbor was scaled so that it better fits into the overall landscape. You can of course there continue to sell your crop
– Now located at the former potato collection is a windmill.
– The Old Brewery has given a decent half timbered building and is now an inn where their corn , potatoes and sugar beet can sell
– The milk you have to bring yourself back to the dairy
– The feeders for the cows are in the barn (where you can also sprinkle straw ) and the pasture
– Right next to the barn is the storage of milk
– On the old farm a lot has changed . So now is example the corn, potatoes and beets stored in barns. The trailers are emptied prior to the corresponding gates . Loaded you can get your followers to both the blowers, which are located at the barns or by hand with a shovel.
– No Missions
– All fields belong to you and need not be purchased separately
– Fruit varieties : standard
– Standard Start Vehicles
– Best for the free add-on Classics of Agriculture suitable

Authors: ziolek6, RAUSCHEBART, martinbigM500, Cayman, Kosa, LU-herzberg, marjas31, spider100, charly_99, thecsfun, pisty, MThis, Marc85, GE-Mapping, firststep, Lowpoly-Bäume, cyber11, Kolbenfresser, unbekannt, M-S_Buschi


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