Old Family Farm 2013 v 1.0


This is a small map based on what an American farm might have been like in the old days. There are 3 small farms on this map. Seed and fertilizer are at all 3 farms. The main farm is where you will come in at. Farm 2 is where you can raise pigs to sell at the butcher shop in town. Farm 3 is south of town where you can raise sheep for their grade A wool to sell at the Bay Hay N Feed store. There are teleporters located behind the main farm house to get to all the farms and teleporters there to get you back.The main sell point is at the Bay Hay N Feed store. The Saloon in town makes their own refreshments so they need corn, barley, and wheat. There is also a Rail line that comes into town that you can sell your crops at. The dealership is located inside the Hay N Feed store to buy new tractors and implements. The bale sell point is behind the Hay N Feed. You can also purchase grain as well as straw at the feed store. All farms have grass silos to store grass in. The main farm also has a chaff silo for storage as well as a straw barn for storing extra straw. All fields are small in size, so leave them there big new tractors for other maps.

Authors: Alan R, rwy22sp, Giants, FarmerYip, KaosKnite, mailman, Daniel Vijoi, gh2010, Thunderace, duarn, sandgroper, hermit23, spider100, johan12, VolvoT22, ar1g3, IDW, Ingolf, Luke159, NI Modding, Axel of Sweden, GhillieSniper, firststep, Kolbenfresser, ZeFir, Konwert, Barsi97, Mafia573, FSM, Bluebaby210, modeleicher, Marhu


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