OGM 2013 v 2.0


– Various textures renewed
– New garden center
– No other scripts needed are all included
– The unloading at the inn was turned over and thus something Realitischer gestalltet.
– Various fields have changed in size, etc.
– PDA was renewed
– Where once was the Big Mill is now driving a locomotive
– The grass and the swaths have been renewed and are therefore more visible
– Starting point was moved to the courtyard house
– To the cow pasture, barn now also a small warehouse
– At the sheep pasture now a small warehouse
– Grass now also selling the farm possible bunch grass
– Sale to the innkeeper Creates been made ​​more comfortable for the guests
– All Schwaade were slightly higher, better visible now
– Corn texture has been completely revised
– All roads were made slightly narrower
– New Grass texture

Author: @Funky


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