OGM 2013 Micro Map v 1.0 FINAL

OGM-2013-Micro-Map-v-1.0-FINAL-1 OGM-2013-Micro-Map-v-1.0-FINAL-2 OGM-2013-Micro-Map-v-1.0-FINAL-3

– PDA was made​​
– Briefing’s and Map Preview were created
– Defeniert all fields again and made ​​Buyable
– Sound / Wave Warnings in the log fixed
– PhysX warning in the log fixed
– Reduced Visible Animals set to 6 (performens improvement) because the pastures are all very close together lie
– Complete textures update

Author: Funky


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  1. Ba.dirk69 says:

    No BGA … 😉

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