OGF Bayern Map v 2.0


– The village is in reality
– Except for the BGA (which does not exist in this form) corresponds to the size of the village in the 80’s
– The village was created to 70 % in the 1:1 size
– 100 new buildings and objects built
– Main Courtyard
– Sheep farm
– BGA / Mixer Station
– The large Hofsilo
– Dung and grass for sale
– Country Trade & washer
– Restaurant
– Warehouse
– Rectory / trigger box purchase
– Pig farm
– Middle of the courtyard : manure, dung, small blue silo for grain, wassser
– In the stable you can then load the pigs
– Pigs for sale

Authors: Marhu, FSM Team, Buchhauer, Frisco0177, Matzep, Atze1978, Marc85, Lila_Lion02


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