North Brabant v 2.0


New in v 2.0 version:
– New texture
– Village is changed
– BGA is changed there is a scale and a selling point voor straw
– Slaughterhouse for pigs and a sellpoint for wool
– Garden center for the slurry and solid manure and grass sales
– Manure heap by the pigs
– Sell at the point Liddl for the eggs
– You need too sell your milk by truck by the sellpoint for fruits
– New PDA

Authors: Mike, Giants Software, Fatian, Manuel, Keiner, Deere6800, Kyosho, Pfreek, kirezagar, Zg Team, ie53i, Luxfarm, Marhu, Rubiks, TheStivala, Steffen30muc, Javier007, BauerBernd, Eifok Team


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