New Hagenstedt v 2.0

new-hagenstedt--43 new-hagenstedt--42 new-hagenstedt--41

Changes V 1.0 and V 1.1:
– Court changed a bit
– The cow pasture and focus moved to the farm
– The village increased
– Direct away from the dealer to trade land
– Added a farm in the village (this farm belongs to you but you can not sell to these farmers your hay and straw to sell it you need it at the farm in the village go to the barn)

Changes V 2.0:
– BGA laid on the field 26
– A grain situation hall with machine shop on the farm instead of grain elevators
– Added a pile of manure in the field 40
– The village expanded again

Authors: Paul B. Felix B. Nils B. Justin A. Tobias W.


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